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Wo kya cheez hai jo din raat dhorti hai magar us k paao'n nahi hoty?

Ans: Waqt


Wo kya cheez hai jo hathi jitni bari hai magar uska wazan koi nahi hota?

Ans:Hathi ka saya


There's A Bus With seven Girls,
Each Girl Has seven Bags,
In Each Bag, There are seven Big Cats,
Each Big Cat Has seven Little Cats,
Each Cat Has four Legs.
How Many Legs are Present In the Bus?

Answer :-


Tell me
I'm A Word Of 5 Letters
People Eat Me..!
If YOU Remove My 1st Letter i'll BE A FORM Of Energy
If YOU Remove My 1st TWO Letters i'll BE Needed FOR Living...!
If YOU Remove My 1st THREE Letters i'll BE Near YOU
If YOU Remove My 1st FOUR Letters i'll B A Drink FOR YOU..
Answer: WHEAT.


I'm the begining of the end.
you can see me twice in a decade but once in a year
& not in day but once in june & twice in a week.
Only genius can ans..
Ans = E


Iss Question Ka Answer Btao
Wo Kon Si Cheez Hai Jis Ko Agar Zameen Py Painko To Nahi Tootti
Lekin Agar Pani Mein Painko To Toot Jati Hai.

Ans is."ReflEctiOn"


It's challenge
is ko english mai translate kar0. .

"humari billi humein hi miyaun"
Reply fast.

Answer is
My Tutor My Foot


Batain wo kon si Vegetable hai
Jis mai Taala Or Chabi dono ata hain.?
It's A Challenge

Answer :

Lock Key


5 Frogs are Sitting On a Log.
4 Decide to Jump Off.
How many r Left?
Still 5 left.

There's a Lot of Difference Between Deciding & Doing.


Pakistan Ka Aisa City Jis Ko Urdu Ma Likhtay Waqt 15 Nuqtaay Dallnay Parthy Hain
Answer : Pak Patan Shareef


A ki biwi B
B ki bhabhi C
C ki beti V
V ke dada G
G ki biwi K
K ki beti T

So wat relationship do A & T share?



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